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Rule #1, always post the rules.

 Rule #2, answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.

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I was tagged by  Graphiteandghosts

1) Favorite cookie? 

Snickerdoodle (Same!)

2) Least favorite food?

Zucchini. I want to like it, but unless it is battered and fried or turned into bread.

3) Would you rather be a giraffe or a zebra?


4) Any countries you’d like to visit?

Switzerland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand. And definitely Norway, “the land of the midnight sun.” But at least I can check Italy off my list!

5) What’s the meaning behind your url?

Simple answer: irony.

Long answer: I have been learning to be able to relate to people more and let them in. It something I find difficult, but I have been working on it. If a balcony is on the first floor, it is more difficult to keep people out.

6) Name one fact about your room!

Plants. It has plants, including a miniature bonsai tree.

7) What are your talents?

I act, write, play musical instruments, and sculpt. 

8) What movie did you watch last?

Snowpiercer. I recommend it.

9) Anything exciting coming up soon?

Auditions for the Fall play and improv team!

10) Least favorite performance at the VMAs? (if you watched it)

I have never watched the VMAs.

11) What would Jesus do?

Rebuke in love, live without reserve, and change the cultural mindset. 

12) Dream concert line-up?

Gaslight Anthem, Josh Garrels, City and Colour, The Last Bison, Glen Hansard.

13) Favorite animated movie? 

How to Train Your Dragon

14) Favorite Beatles song?

Eleanor Rigby

15) Soda of choice?


16) Farthest you have been from home?

Italy. 7,000+ miles

17) Do you have any stickers on your car/laptop? If so, what of? 

I have my entire laptop covered in stickers. Sunoco, Toms, Apple, Inky the Octopus, Farewell Flight, Vocal Few, Deis Vail, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Anchor, Abort73, Love146, “Make Art not War,” etc…

18) Favorite Marvel superhero?

Currently Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. But probably Nightcrawler.

19) Favorite childhood author? 

Brian Jacques (Author of the Redwall books)

20) First celebrity crush? 


21) Favorite teenage mutant ninja turtle?


22) What is your proudest accomplishment from this past year?

Completing my internship in Italy. I learned a lot about culture, and I helped teach children English.

My Questions:

1) Favorite legend or myth?

2) Least favorite musical instrument?

3) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

4) What animal would you be and why?

5) Can you do any “stupid human tricks?”

6) What tattoos do you have/want (if any)?

7) Best place to vacation?

8) Can you juggle?

9) Favorite was to eat potatoes?

10) Favorite quote?

11) Tea?


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